By-Laws & Constitution


Constitution of
The American Legion Riders
The American Legion, Department of Indiana


For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes: To demonstrate the principles of responsible motorcycling as set forth in the Rider’s Response: “We. Your American Legion Riders, Ride for God and Country, The American Legion Family, and Allied Veterans everywhere, Protect those that protect us. Amen”. To serve as examples of responsible American Patriotism; to uphold and defend the Constitution of The United States of America; to serve our comrades as set forth in the Preamble to The Constitution of The American Legion.

Article I — Name

The name of this organization shall be the “American Legion Riders”, The American Legion Department of Indiana (hereafter “IN ALR”.)

 Section 1. The location of this Chapter shall be at The American Legion, Department of Indiana Headquarters, 5440 Herbert Lord Rd., Indianapolis, IN  46216.

 Section 2. An off-site administrative center may, from time to time, be established for the convenience of the organization and its elected officers, subject to approval by The American Legion Department of Indiana and the committee established for oversight of the organization.

Article II — Objectives

The aims and purposes of the IN ALR shall be to promote and support the programs and community activities of The American Legion, Department of Indiana and its Posts by participation in Parades and other ceremonies in keeping with the Aims and Purposes of The American Legion; to promote motorcycle safety programs; to provide a social atmosphere for American Legion members who share an interest in motorcycling and related activities; and to adhere to and promote the principles set forth in the Preamble to The American Legion Constitution.

Article III — Nature

The IN ALR is a program of The American Legion Department of Indiana and subject to the rules, regulations, policies, oversight and control thereof. Such oversight and control shall be exercised through a committee of The Internal Affairs Commission of The Department of Indiana to be known as the American Legion Riders Committee, members whereof shall be appointed in accordance with Department of Indiana policy.

 Section 1. The IN ALR is a civilian organization and membership therein does not affect or increase liability for military or police service.

Section 2. The IN ALR shall be absolutely politically non-partisan and shall not be used for the dissemination of partisan principles nor for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment.

 Section 3. Rank does not exist in The American Legion Riders; no member shall be addressed by his military or naval title in any meeting or officially sanctioned activity of the IN ALR or its individual Post Chapters.


Article IV — Organization

Any Post of The American Legion Department of Indiana may establish a local IN ALR organization by application for same to the State Director of the IN ALR, payment of all approved fees, and verification of members’ eligibility.

 Section 1. Application for establishment must be completed by duly elected officers of the Post and contain the names of all members.

 Section 2. Approved Post Chapters will be subject to all applicable provisions of the IN ALR Constitution.

 Section 3. Post Chapters in violation of the IN ALR Constitution will be suspended and all members will be denied voice and vote in Department meetings.

 Section 4. There will be no official organizations of IN ALR in the Department of Indiana other than the IN ALR and approved Post Chapters, except that Post Chapters may from time to time cooperate, coordinate or come together to conduct joint activities under the auspices of their American Legion Department of Indiana District in which the Post Chapters are located.

 Section 5. Must have a minimum of 7 members to start a chapter.

Article V — Membership

There shall be two classes of membership: Regular and Special.

 Section 1.  Regular Membership shall be open to any verified current member of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary and The Sons of The American Legion.

 Section 1a. Must be the registered owner of a street legal motorcycle with an engine displacement of not less than 350 cubic centimeters and hold a valid motorcycle endorsement or motorcycle learner permit.

 Section 1b. Spouses who meet the criteria described in Sec. 1 above may also be members.

 Section 3. Special Membership shall be open to current regular members only who have relinquished ownership or ridership of a qualifying motorcycle as a result of disability, injury, or a death.

Paragraph 1.  Qualifying death shall be that of a spouse who was the sole or joint owner of the qualifying motorcycle.

Paragraph 2.  Qualifying injury or disability shall be a limitation which prevents proper operation of a motorcycle.

Paragraph 3.  Current members must have held a minimum one year Regular Membership before application for Special Membership.

Paragraph 4.  All other conditions of Regular Membership must be met.

 Section 4.  Application for membership shall be made in writing under such regulations as may from time to time be prescribed by the IN ALR Executive Committee, and shall be accompanied by proof of eligibility.

 Section 5.  Any member of a Chapter may be expelled for cause by a two-thirds vote of the Chapter Executive Committee after charges are preferred under oath in writing, and a fair trial had upon the same.

 Section 6.  A member who has been expelled or suspended from a Chapter for any cause may be reinstated to membership by a two-thirds vote of the membership present in a Chapter meeting, and the payment of current dues for the year in which the reinstatement occurs.

 Section 7.  No person who has been expelled by any other state organization shall be admitted to membership in the IN ALR without the consent of the expelling organization, except that where such consent has been asked for and denied by such organization, the applicant may then appeal to the Executive Committee of the Department for permission to apply for membership in the IN ALR, and shall be ineligible for membership until such permission is granted.

Section 8.  All ALR chapters are a post level activity.  Any verified current member of The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary or The Sons of The American Legion with all conditions of Regular ALR Membership met may join any IN ALR chapter desired. ALR membership may be held at only one post at any given time.  Every IN ALR member in good standing shall be eligible to hold office as described in Article VIII of this Constitution.


Article VI — Honorary and Supporting Memberships

There are two limited classes of membership available within the IN ALR: Honorary and Supporting. Honorary and Supporting Members, who do not meet the requirements for ordinary eligibility in The American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or the Sons of The American Legion may be accorded Post privileges only to the extent permitted by Indiana law and federal regulation governing access to not-for-profit organizations.

 Section 1. Honorary Membership may be granted to an American Legion Rider or a supporting member who goes above and beyond normal expectations in assisting and serving the Indiana Chapter.

Paragraph 1. Honorary Membership shall be granted on the recommendation of the Chapter Director and concurrence of 2/3 of the members present to vote.

Paragraph 2. Recommendation shall be voted on at the regularly scheduled meeting next following the meeting in which the recommendation was announced.

Paragraph 3. Honorary IN ALR members shall be exempt from payment of dues for life or until proper cause is shown why the member should be expelled in accordance with the rules for same in this Constitution and By-Laws.

 Section 2. Supporting Membership may be granted to those deemed to be encouraging of the organization and motorcycling in general.

Paragraph 1. Supporting Membership may be granted by the Post level chapter only.

Paragraph 2. Posts level chapters are the judges of their own supporting members.

Paragraph 3. Supporting members are members without voice or vote, and may not be included in total membership counts.

Paragraph 4,. Supporting members shall be exempt from payment of dues for life or until proper cause is shown why the member should be expelled in accordance with the rules for same in this Constitution and By-Laws

Paragraph 5. Supporting members must wear an “I Support” rocker if an IN ALR back patch is worn.

Article VII — Regalia

The IN ALR may, from time to time, design and designate procedures for the wearing of unique IN ALR regalia including patches and caps by the several classes of members, provided that uniform rules for the wear and display of regalia be included in the By-Laws of this Constitution, and further provided that the IN ALR design and procedures must conform to rules and policies promulgated by the National and Department levels of The American Legion and The American Legion Riders.


Article VIII — Officers

The administrative affairs of the IN ALR shall be under the supervision of an Executive Committee which shall consist of the elected officers of the IN ALR. A majority of the elected officers must be present at the meeting to constitute a quorum.

 Section 1. The Executive Committee of the IN ALR shall be State Director, Assistant State Director, Secretary, Treasurer/Membership Chairman, Sergeant at Arms, Historian, Chaplain, Run Coordinator, Communications Director, most Current Past State Director, and such other officers as may be deemed necessary by this organization, who shall be named by the State Director subject to approval by the Executive Committee in its first meeting immediately following the election.

 Section 2. Officers shall be nominated from the floor at the meeting immediately preceding the annual election.

 Section 3. All officers shall be elected annually, and they shall hold office until their successors are duly installed or as otherwise provided. Any officer may be removed for cause by the Executive Committee, provided that two-thirds vote of said committee shall be necessary to effect such removal.

 Section 4. Every IN ALR member in good standing shall be eligible to hold office.

 Section 5. The duties of officers shall be those usually appertaining to such officers or committee and as further provided in the By-Laws.

 Section 6. The Executive Committee may provide for such other appointive officers and standing committees as the business of the IN ALR may require.

 Section 7. Members may hold up to two offices simultaneously, except that the State Director and Assistant State Director may not hold any other elective or appointive office at the state level during their term.

Article IX — Finance

 Section 1. The revenue of this Chapter shall be derived from membership fees, from annual membership dues and from such other sources as may be approved by the IN ALR.

 Section 2. There shall be no initiation fees assessed.

 Section 3. The membership fees shall be established for the ensuing year at the first annual meeting upon recommendation of the Treasurer and concurred in by 2/3 of the members present to vote.

 Section 4. IN ALR Chapter finances shall be under the control of and subject to audit by The American Legion Department of Indiana, and the IN ALR Committee shall provide an annual report of same to the Department of Indiana Executive Committee, which report is to coincide with the installation of IN ALR officers.

Article X — Charter Members

Members who joined the IN ALR prior to November 30th, 2001, for the permanent authorization to form the IN ALR in the Department of Indiana, shall be known as IN ALR charter members.

Article XI — Amendments

This Constitution is adopted subject to the provisions of the national Constitution of The American Legion and of the department Constitution of the Department of Indiana, The American Legion.

 Section 1. Any amendment to said National Constitution or Department Constitution which is in conflict with any provisions hereof shall be regarded as automatically repealing or modifying the provisions of this Constitution to the extent of such conflict.

 Section 2. This Constitution may be amended at any regular IN ALR meeting by vote of two-thirds of the members attending such regular meeting, providing the proposed amendment shall have been submitted in writing and read at the next preceding regular meeting of the IN ALR, and providing, further, written notice shall have been given to all members at least 45 days in advance of the date when such amendment is to be voted upon, notifying said members that at such meeting a proposal to amend the Constitution is to be voted upon.

By-Laws of
The American Legion Riders
The American Legion, Department of Indiana

Article I — Name

Section 1. The Riders Organization existing under these By-Laws is to be known as The American Legion Riders, Department of Indiana. (Hereafter “IN ALR”)

Section 2. The objects of the IN ALR are as set forth in the Constitution.

Article II — Management

Section 1. The government and management of the IN ALR are entrusted to a Board of Directors to be known as the “Executive Committee.”

Section 2. The Executive Committee shall consist of all elected officers of the IN ALR and the past year State Director. They shall be nominated in July of each year, and elected at the annual October meeting. Elected officers shall be installed and take office at the January meeting next following the election. The candidate or candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be elected to the respective office or offices for which they are candidates.

Section 3. Nominations will be accepted from any member in good standing of any Post level chapter in good standing.

Section 4. All vacancies existing in any elective office of the IN ALR from any cause other than the expiration of the term shall be appointed by the Director during the year of the vacancy, and a person so appointed shall hold office for the unexpired term. A vacancy shall exist when a member or officer is absent from three consecutive IN ALR meetings, unless excused by the Director of the IN ALR.

Section 5. All elections of officers shall be by delegates of each post chapter. Delegates consist of one delegate for every ten paid members, one delegate at large, and one delegate for the Director. Only the number of delegates present for each post chapter may vote. Number of delegates for each post chapter will be verified by the state Treasurer / Membership Chairman.

Article III — IN ALR Executive Committee

Section 1. The Chapter Executive Committee may meet for organization and such other business as may come before it at the call of the State Director after the installation of the new officers. Thereafter the Executive Committee shall meet at the call of the Director or at regularly scheduled meetings as determined by the State Director. The State Director shall call a meeting of the Executive Committee upon the joint written request of three or more members of said Executive Committee. Six members of the committee shall constitute a quorum thereof.

Section 2. State Director will be allowed two nights of lodging plus mileage (Federal Rate for Mileage) to attend state meetings. The State Director will be allowed up to $250.00 for incidentals for IN ALR operation of IN ALR business per quarterly state meeting. Those expenses must be accompanied with receipts. Anything over that amount must be approved by the majority of membership in attendance. The current State Director must also be on the bank account signature card along with the Finance Officer.

Article IV—Duties of Officers

Section 1. State Director. Will serve as Chief Administrative Officer of the Association and will preside over all meetings. The director shall have general supervision over the affairs of the association and shall perform all other duties as directed by the membership. The State Director shall be responsible for appointing replacements for vacancies due to death, resignation or any other reason in elected and appointed offices. The State Director shall approve all orders directing the disbursement of funds and shall make an annual report covering the business of the IN ALR for the year, and recommendations for the ensuing year, which shall be read at the annual meeting.

Section 2. Assistant State Director. Will assume the duties of the Director should the Director not be available. Will assist the Director in performance of all duties as called on by the Director.

Section 3. Secretary. Will keep a full and accurate record of all proceedings of IN ALR meetings and will provide copies of same to the membership for approval.

Section 4. Treasurer / Membership Chairman. The Treasurer / Membership Chairman shall have charge of all finances and see that they are safely deposited in a local bank or banks and shall report once a month to the State Director the condition of the finances of the IN ALR, with such recommendations as may deem expedient or necessary for raising funds with which to carry on the activities of the IN ALR. The Treasurer shall present a regular report at each regularly scheduled meeting for approval by the membership. The Treasurer / Membership Chairman shall sign all checks disbursing the monies of the IN ALR.

Treasurer / Membership Chairman shall have charge of all matters pertaining to the membership of the IN ALR, including the recruitment of new members, reinstatements and eligibility of members, and shall be responsible for maintaining all membership records. Will provide a written report at each regularly scheduled meeting and shall determine number of delegates for each Post Chapter for election purposes.

Section 5. Historian. Shall maintain the individual records and incidents of the IN ALR shall perform such other duties as may properly pertain to the office as may be determined by the IN ALR or the State Director.

Section 6. Chaplain. Shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of the members and will offer divine but nonsectarian service in the event of dedications, funerals, public functions, etc., and will adhere to such ceremonial rituals as are recommended by the IN ALR from time to time.

Section 7. Sergeant-at-Arms. Will preserve order at meetings, assist with the set-up of meetings and other activities, verify membership eligibility of those attending the meetings and voting in election; shall be the keeper of the flag and other IN ALR regalia; will perform such other duties as may be from time to time assigned by the State Director.

Section 8. Run Coordinator. Will be the logistics person in charge of organized runs of the IN ALR. The RC will determine dates, times, routes, and meeting places for those taking part in a run activity.

The RC may at any time appoint assistant road captains or take any other measures necessary to help insure the safety of group during the run. The RC shall have sole authority to cancel a scheduled run if circumstances warrant, and must report his reasons for so doing in writing to the State Director.

Section 9. Communications Director. Shall be charged with the promotion of public support of the Riders’ program and activities by the establishment of proper contact with public media, and shall publish a regularly recurring newsletter of the IN ALR; Shall prepare and maintain the official website of the IN ALR.

Section 10. No officer shall enter into any verbal or written contracts without approval of the Executive Committee and the membership.

Article V — Appointments

The State Director immediately upon taking office each year shall appoint any and all committees necessary for the operation and functioning of the IN ALR.

Article VI — Regalia

Members of the IN ALR shall conform to all rules governing the wearing and display of IN ALR regalia and American Legion name and emblem. Violations of any rule shall subject the violator to suspension and expulsion as provided for in the IN ALR Constitution and By-laws.

Section 1. The sleeveless vest is the approved minimum article of clothing on which IN ALR regalia may be displayed, provided that rules applying to displays on the vest apply equally to sleeved garments including but not limited to jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.

Section 2. The American Flag Patch shall be displayed on either side of the front of the vest providing that the stars on the patch are closest to the center of the chest and in the highest feasible position. No other patch or item shall be displayed above the American Flag.

Section 3. The emblem of The American Legion organization (TAL, SAL, and Auxiliary) that the IN ALR member is entitled to wear by virtue of membership therein shall be displayed on the left front breast of the vest.

Section 4. When displayed on the IN ALR vest, the IN ALR emblem back patch will be displayed in the center of the back.

Section 5. POW/MIA or POW/MIA/KIA patch will be worn on the right side of the vest in the highest possible position providing it does not go above the American Flag Patch.

Section 6. Vulgarity, scatology, profanity, and provocative verbiage and imagery (being verbiage and imagery intended to threaten, harass, insult or frighten non-members) shall not be displayed on any item simultaneously bearing the IN ALR emblem or an emblem of The American Legion; provided that questions concerning same shall be presented to and decided by The American Legion Department of Indiana’s American Legion Riders Committee.

Section 7. Nothing in this Article is to be construed as requiring an alteration, revision, replacement, re-design, or prohibition of methods or placement of regalia displayed by members in good standing prior to the adoption of this Constitution and By-laws, dated October 7, 2007.

Section 8. Regalia added to existing articles of clothing protected under Section 7 above shall conform to the provision of all other Sections of Article. VI.

Section 9. All regalia displayed in violation of Art. VI, Sections 1-7, shall be deemed a violation of this Constitution and By-Laws and subject the offending member to all suspension or expulsion at the discretion of the IN ALR Executive Committee.

Article VII —Resolutions

All decisions affecting the conduct and activities of the IN ALR beyond those items deemed routine by the Executive Committee shall be made by resolution originating at a post-level Chapter of the Riders, or at an official committee duly appointed. Resolutions approved shall be approved by a simple majority of those voting and a record of the resolution shall be maintained by the secretary. Resolutions approved shall embody the opinion of the IN ALR on the subject and copy of same shall be forwarded to the American Legion Riders Committee of The American Legion, Department of Indiana for its approval before any publicity is given or action other than mere passage is taken.

Article VIII — Meetings

Regular meetings shall be held in conjunction with the Department Conferences and Conventions.

Section 1. Official American Legion, American Legion Auxiliary, or Sons of The American

Legion covers, Caps displaying the IN ALR logo, or the IN ALR Beret will be the official cover worn at all official department IN ALR committee meetings.

Section 2. The State Director or a majority of the Executive Committee shall have power to call a special meeting of the IN ALR at any time, provided that advance notice of at least ten days is provided to all post-level chapters.

Section 3. Upon the written request of one-third of the post level chapters, the Executive Committee shall call a special meeting.

Section 4. For the conduct of regular and special meetings of the IN ALR, a quorum shall exist when two-thirds of the elected officers, exclusive of elected members of the Executive Committee, and

representatives from 25 percent of those Post level chapters in good standing are present.

Section 5. IN ALR hospitality rooms shall be closed during all IN ALR meetings and Legion functions I.E. General Assembly and Commander’s Ball.

Section 6. No alcoholic beverages permitted at Department Conference or Committee Meetings.

Article IX — Elections

Paragraph 1 Officers shall be elected by a majority of delegates present at the election meeting.

Section 2 Nomination of officers will take place at the Summer IN ALR Meeting and all nominations will be closed at the end of the call for nominations. Officers shall be nominated from the floor. The candidate must be present to accept the nomination.

Section 3 Those nominated for office may submit 1 paragraph about their qualifications to be printed in the quarterly newsletter. Those qualifications must be submitted to the State Secretary within a 4 week period of the nomination.

Section 4 Voting of officers for the following year shall take place at the Autumn IN ALR Meeting.

Section 5 Elections shall be tabulated using printed ballots

Section 6 Ballots will be counted by 3 committee representatives by random draw at the committee meeting and 1 representative appointed by the Committee Chairman.

Section 7 All ballot counting will be overseen by the State Sgt-At-Arms and the results reported to the State Director prior to the end of the meeting for announcement under “Good of the Order”.

Article X —– Notices

Every Post level chapter shall furnish the State Director with a current address conforming to U.S. Postal Service regulations, and the name and contact information for the chapter director.

Section 1. The list of chapters and their officers shall not be released in any form for any purposes other than to authorized officers and employees of the Chapter and Department of The American

Legion, and may be used by said organizations only for purposes approved by the governing bodies of same.

Section 2. The State Director shall cause notice of the annual election to be given at least 45 days prior to the post-level chapter directors.

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