In Memory of – Our Fallen Riders

Please contact any State Officer if you have a member who has passed.    An Officer will attend the showing and/or funeral.



Paul Briner, Chapter 330, New Haven
Brat Sweat, Chapter 313, Fairmont
Mike Keane, Chapter 261, Cedar Lake
Dickey Coffey, Chapter 42, Floyd’s Knobs
Ed Bishop, Chapter 152, Knightstown
Larry Chase, Chapter 64, Indy, Holt road
Ruth Smith, Chapter 495, Indianapolis
Roberta Maloney, Chapter 468., Berne
Jerry Littles, Chapter 502, South Haven
Helen Moss Chapter 502, South Haven
Bob Cagle, Chapter 502, South Haven
Jon Lyberger, Chapter 44, New Burgh
Cole Cummings, Chapter 89, Seymour
Jerry Nickels, Chapter 286, Manchester
Johnny Wheeler, Chapter 286, Mancheste
 Robi Burnett, Chapter 495, Indianapolis
Charles Noble, Chapter, 196, Bloomfield
Keith Walker, Chapter 215, LaGrange
Cletus Miller, chapter 143, Bristol
Bryan Crocker, chapter 497, Indianapolis
Roger Boomsma, chapter, 66, Griffith
Gregsy Paz, chapter 17, Hammond
Sandra Armstrong, chapter 24, Columbus
Jay Cook, chapter 64, Indianapolis
Ronnie Noble, chapter 434, Kingsford Heights
Harold Bishop, District 10, Chapter 152
William Smith, District 1, chapter 54
Brian Burns, District 4, chapter 98
Delnice Nevil, District 4, chapter 88
Harold P.? District? Chapter 210


Doug Roy # 155
John McDaniel #502
George "PeeWee" Wilson #185
Fred Livingston # 497
Bill Arnold # 250
David Atchison #250
James Liparula # 97
Thomas Browd Il #261
Steven Blaugh #97
Sherry Green # 468
Mike Smoot
Jack Janssen
David Sensney
Mike Totton
Robert Meyers
Albert McInnis
Tony Dean Thrush
John Lepper
Grizz Hartkorn
Arthur Pugh
Scott Delagrange #409
Tommy Zimmerman #97
Ruth Smith #495


Charlie Pfaff #497
Debbie Cain #250
Bill Smith #434
Darrell Whalen #65
Bernie West #332



 Hugh Taylor


Debbie Yearwood


 Sheridan Yowell


  Michael Cazee


Teresa Lawhead


John “JR” Reynolds
Virginia “Ginny” Stroh
Carolyn Hamm


Greg Creese


Bruce Blackwell
Doug Ruble
Larry Myers
Vince Sargent
Robert ’Bob’ Tipton


Dean Coonce
James Small
Al Meyers
Robert ‘Jay’ Johnson
Scott Beatty
Virgil Stubblefield
Robert ‘Bob’ Distelrath
Ralph Sapp


Barbara J. Meyers
Mark S. Mudd
Jerry L. Gephart
Bob Leddon
Janna A. Warren
Robert E. Warren
Stanley ’Top’ Robinson


Ricky D. Webb
Marty ‘Cupcake’ Manahan
Roger L. Newman
Sheila Kay Lawson
Carl E. Strain
Thomas W. Beckman
Charles R. Payne
Olin D. ‘Oly’ Firestone
Steven A. Brandt
‘Speedway Bill’ Mummert


Darrell W. Hux
Gerald (Jerry) Ruble
Earl D. Pickerel
Brent “Cozmo” Kramer
Steve L. Ray
Bruce Goward
Bruce Custer
Lee Stackhouse


Steve “Smiley” Lopshire
Carl R. Brown 
Craig Cayot
Charlie Waters
Terrie Dailey


George Vujkovic
Bill Roberts
Richard Kephart
Dick Williams 


Michael “Peg Leg” Parke
Chrisdy Hilker
Gene Morris
Gary Williams 
Rick Wiles


Roger Nichols

Life without that of one who serves their country proud, freely, and valiantly would be a life void of love, dreams and freedom; A life void of the many treasures so many of us call life. Children, comrades, friends, cars, boats, motorcycles, photos, books, stories, smiles, all a part of life.

To those of you who wear the uniform or colors of your country with pride today, and for those of you who wore the uniform or colors in days ast, these few words go out to you, and hope they bring life in its fullness unto you and yours. You gave of yourself, to protect and keep that life which you had learned and begun to love. You gave of your family, you gave of your life, some came home, some never did, some live in our memories, some in our tears, taken in life both young and old, no score card to determine who went and who returned. So accept these simple words of thanks…

Thank You… Rest Now

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