Proposed Rules of Nominations and Election


(to be distributed and read at the opening of the Spring meeting under committee reports and a motion made to approve. Nominations: In accordance with ALR By-Laws, the nomination of officers will take place at the summer (July) meeting and all nominations will be closed at the end of the call for nominations or upon the closing of that meeting. Upon motion and passage to suspend regular business for nominations, the state director will call for nominations from the floor. Any member present shall have the ability to rise, be recognized by the chair, announce their name and Chapter and offer any valid members name for consideration for any office. Nominations need not be seconded.

The State Director shall 1 st open nominations for State Director, Northern Assistant Director,

Southern Assistant Director, Treasurer, Membership Chair, Secretary, Sgt @ Arms, Chaplain, Ride Coordinator, Historian, and lastly, Communications. He / she will call for nominations from the floor for each office three times

Anyone nominated for an office must be present at the summer (July) meeting and must accept the nomination at that time to be placed on the official ballot. (Article   Section Il)

If no one is nominated for an office, a motion will be in order to allow the new State Director to fill the position as an appointment under the provisions of Article Il, Section 4 of the By-Laws- All vacancies existing in any elective office of the IN ALR from any cause other than the expiration of the term shall be appointed by the Director during the year of the vacancy, and a person so appointed shall hold office for the unexpired term. A vacancy shall exist when a member or officer is absent from three consecutive IN ALR meetings, unless excused by the

Director of the IN ALR-

Article Il, Section 5. All elections of officers shall be by delegates of each post chapter. Delegates consist of one delegate for every ten paid members, one delegate at large, and one delegate for the Director. Only the number of delegates present for each post chapter may vote. Number of delegates for each post chapter will be verified by the state Treasurer / Membership Chairman.

  • The vote shall be by secret ballot. After each member has cast their vote, the ballot shall be deposited in a ballot box provided by the Sergeant-at-Arms.
  • The tabulating committee may remove the ballots from the ballot box after the Director has determined all delegates have had sufficient opportunity to vote (without unnecessarily delaying the progress of the meeting). In accordance with Article Section 1 — Officers shall be elected by a majority of delegates present at the election meeting.

Article Section 7 All ballot counting will be overseen by the State Sgt-At-Arms and the results reported to the State Director prior to the end of the meeting for announcement under “Good of the Order”.

  • No one shall be allowed in the tabulating area during the counting of votes except members of the tabulating committee and a representative or observer of each candidate for commander.
  • The names of the winners shall be announced at the meeting as soon as the count of votes is completed and the names of only the winners shall be published in next ALR newsletter.
  • In the event of a tie for any office the tie shall be broken and the winner determined by coin toss.
  • Upon completion of the tabulation and after the results have been certified as official, the ballots shall be retained by the Secretary until the installation of officers at the winter (January) meeting and then promptly destroyed.
  • All disputes regarding the election shall be decided by the American Legion Judge Advocate.
  • No one shall loiter near the ballot box and each member shall retire from the area where the voting is being conducted promptly after casting their vote. The Sergeant-at-Arms or his/her representative is authorized to remove any person violating this rule.
  • Ballots shall contain the names of all candidates nominated. No write-in candidates will be allowed for any office. Ballots containing write-in candidates of any kind will be disregarded and not counted as part of the election.

17. Where the ballot contains only one candidate for an office, the first ballot counted with their name on it shall constitute an election to this office and no further count shall be necessary for this candidate.

After nominations are closed, the Director shall instruct the Secretary to prepare official ballots to be distributed for use at the Fall (October) meeting.

Article Section 3 Those nominated for office may submit 1 paragraph about their qualifications to be printed in the quarterly newsletter. Those qualifications must be submitted to the State Secretary within a 4 week period of the nomination.


The annual election of Officers of The Department of Indiana American Legion Riders will be held on the date of the regular Membership Meeting in Fall (October) of each year.

Post Chapter members will be encouraged to sign in as a group prior to the meeting to allow the Membership Chair to more easily distribute the correct number of ballots. Each chapter will be issued ballots based on their membership at the previous close of books strength. However, Only those members who have paid their dues for the current year and have their membership card with them will be allowed to vote. Any unused ballots shall be returned to the membership chair.. The Membership Chair or his/her duly authorized representative shall inspect each membership card and if found eligible to vote, shall allow the member to deposit an official ballot.

Special note: Chapters in Districts 1 through 5 shall be allowed to vote for the Northern Asst

Director and Chapters from Districts 6 through 11 shall be allowed to vote for Southern Asst


The Secretary and Sergeant-at-Arms or their duly designated assistants or representatives shall open the polls for voting at the direction of the State Director after the meeting has been properly opened. Polls will remain open until all delegates present have had a reasonable opportunity to cast a ballot as determined by the State Director.

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