Regalia (Proper Wearing of Vest)

Regalia, Vests, Covers and appropriate attire


            While not a requirement, The American Legion Cover or the SAL Cover is the recommended appropriate headgear that should be worn at meetings and especially District of Department functions. An ALR Ballcap or Beret (available from emblem sales) are authorized alternative head cover. No other headgear is authorized for wear at State meetings.


            Also not a requirement but if worn, the vest must be in accordance with the by-laws and Guidance documents from the National organization. Sleeveless Leather vests are preferred and available from emblem sales. When worn at meetings, a shirt with sleeves (like a tee shirt) should be worn underneath the vest. 


            The arrangement of patches on our vests shall be (at a minimum) as follows.

The American Flag Patch shall be displayed on either side of the front of the vest providing that the stars on the patch are closest to the center of the chest and in the highest feasible position. No other patch or item shall be displayed above the American Flag. 

The emblem of The American Legion organization (TAL, SAL, and Auxiliary) that the IN ALR member is entitled to wear by virtue of membership therein shall be displayed on the left front breast of the vest. 

When displayed on the IN ALR vest, the IN ALR emblem back patch will be displayed in the center of the back. Rockers (if worn) may not encroach on the ALR Emblem in any way. Embroidered edges may touch. 

 POW/MIA or POW/MIA/KIA patch will be worn on the right side of the vest in the highest possible position providing it does not go above the American Flag Patch.

Any other patches, pins, or markings worn on the vest cannot bring discredit upon the ALR Program nor may they imply an improper association with any outside organization. Emblems worn on the vest cannot infringe on any trademarks of the American Legion or other organizations.

There has been great confusion concerning the wear of rockers. Resolution 19 has cleared this up. Rockers may not touch the ALR Patch but embroidered edges may touch.

All rules applying to displays on the vest apply equally to sleeved garments including but not limited to jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, sweatshirts, etc.

Vulgarity, scatology, profanity, and provocative verbiage and imagery (being verbiage and imagery intended to threaten, harass, insult or frighten non-members) shall not be displayed on any item simultaneously bearing the IN ALR emblem or an emblem of The American Legion; provided that questions concerning same shall be presented to and decided by The American Legion Department of Indiana’s American Legion Riders Committee.

The wear of vest, Legion Cover, ALR hat or beret should never be worn to any partisan political function.

Event Appropriate attire

            As with all things, appropriate attire should be worn at meetings and functions. While blue jeans are highly appropriate for riding, they are not recommended for meetings. Some functions (such as parades, funeral escorts, flag lines, etc.) dress slacks and collared shirts should be worn. Shorts should not be worn to formal meetings. Casual slacks, a legion polo shirt and vest are almost always good. The ALR vest should never be worn without at least a T shirt underneath.


Resolution 19 has also prohibited the practice of “OPEN Carry” of fire arms while wearing the American Legion Riders Vest & Emblems during National Events.


Use of Logo

            Chapters should take great care when ordering “chapter” or event shirts because the use of the ALR emblem, just like the American Legion logo is highly protected. When you have a design in mind, and you want to use the emblems, double check with the fine folks at the national organization for written permission. Silk screen printers and embroidery companies must have a license (written permission) from national to use the logos. If you order from emblem sales, you’re good.

ALR Vest Patches


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