State Rally

The State Rally of the Indiana American Legion was created to bring all the riders in the state together to get to know each other and share a weekend of fun activities. We charge a gate fee to pay for expenses for having the party and to provide the amenities needed to be comfortable and entertained. We want to keep that fee affordable so all can enjoy the event.

This is an ALR private event where you must be a member or be a guest (1) of a member. That member will be responsible for the actions of that person while at the location of the event. The Rally being an activity of the Legion program of the Riders will abide by all laws, rules and bylaws of the Legion and the Riders.

The host Chapter will need to have permission of their Post to run all raffles, 50/50s, etc, abiding by those rules and regulations.

Please print off the PDF form below and submit to Dina Long for the 2020 State Rally. The information on the form is out of date.

If you would like to host the 2018 State Rally, download and submit your application, link is below:

State Rally Application 2019

Application Deadline: July Conference Meeting

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